Our Story

It's what you get out of it and what you put in.

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How We Got Here

In 1997, John Trigg celebrated his second consecutive Golden Gloves title win. After going pro in 1998 he developed a love for training other people to enjoy the sweet science of boxing through fitness. Following that, he began to focus on his unique style of training and developing fighters, producing numerous State Golden Gloves champions, boxing gym owners, fitness instructors, and one who actually knocked down Andre Ward. Boxing out of North Georgia was always a challenge for John, he realized there was a pressing need for an authentic boxing gym in his area.

Through the years

After a 10 years of hard work, he and his former partner, tilled the ground introducing boxing to the community. Although it was a business it was ran like a non profit organization, where many times he and his partner paid to keep the doors open. Through the years the kids, who are now adults still are seeking John when it comes to boxing, fitness, and competition. John's teaching style of acceptance and hard workouts inspires club members dedication.

Under a new name, drive, and along with his wife, John opened doors to Real Digg Boxing in February of 2018. Today, Real Digg Boxing is home to aspiring amateurs and local pros alike.  With its friendly family like atmosphere and classes designed to teach boxing to the masses, we've become home to a growing number of people who recognize the unparalleled benefit of the boxer's workout. School teachers, mothers, fire fighters, artists, and engineers all come to experience and reap the benefits of our expertly guided classes and training. And we're just getting started. Come be a part of it!

Real Digg Boxing Members